Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 Taxidermy customer comments

1. It looked bigger in the scope
Says the man with the bear that's about the same size as our dog.

2. Do you think it could make it in the record book?
Says the man with the medium sized elk. The answer: No.

3. (When they come pick up the finished mount) Man, I sure remember it being bigger.
This is always with the deer or elk that we've worked hard to stretch and stuff to get it as big as we possibly can.

4. Can you have it done by Friday?
This is followed by us frantically scrambling to get the mount done, turning on blowers to dry it faster, working late to get it done on time. Then we call them tell them it's ready, "Great!" they say. "We'll pick it up in a couple weeks." *facepalm*

5. Can I just take it now and pay you tomorrow?

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