Friday, April 29, 2011

Cool stuff I can't do

In my Internet spelunking I come across cool writing challenges and classes that I would love to take, but can't. Some times it due to money limits, mostly it's my limited time and mental energy that can't handle doing more then I already am. But that doesn't stop me from spreading the word about them :-)

So without further adue:

This is such a cool idea. They also have 500 and 250 words a day chalanges.



Gabi (and Iggi) have some cool Do It Yourself projects and a group that I see chatting on twitter all the time. It might be too late to join this group, but it's well worth looking at and Gabi's blog is a good read as well.


Lani Diane Rich is teaching another of her fabulous classes on discovery and all the stuff you do before the actually write the book. I took her Discovery class, she's updated and improved the class since then and I really wish I could take it, but the timing is just off for me right now. Hopefully later in the year I can slip it in. Seriously though, this class is fabulous. Worth every penny.


  1. I think I'm going to go for a badge--hopefully the 1,000 word one. At this point, I would be proud to display the 250 word one, because, well, I'm not currently doing that either.

    Thanks for sharing these links!

  2. Good luck Tana! Even the 250 is something to be proud of. I'm glad someone will try some of theses things out :-)