Friday, May 20, 2011

Evil Computer

I've decided that computers are devices that promise you everything, lull you into the illusion of safety then crush your very soul...

Did I mention that my computer crashed? Actually it got a virus and deleted all my files (I had backups, fortunately, so I didn't lose everything). After hours of hair pulling I finally cleaned out the virus, but(!) when I try to reload my backed up files, the computer says that they are still there... I just can't see them or open them or delete them. In other words I can't do anything. My main tech guy is going to look at it tomorrow. I'm probably going to have to wipe the whole thing and start from scratch.

So if you see a nuclear mushroom cloud rising above the mountains of North Idaho, don't worry, that's just my head exploding. (and with my luck I'll finally get the computer fixed and then the world will end at 6:00 PM *rolls eyes*).

Hope everyone else's month has been better then mine >_<

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