Monday, July 25, 2011

Dear Story

Dear Shiny New Story,

Oh, how I love thee, my story, in all your shiny newness. Your sparkling ideas. Your youthful hope. Gone are all my thoughts of those "other" stories. I thought I loved them, but none of those loves can compare to you, my Shiny New Story.

Even though I've only known you for 13k words, I know it was fate that brought us together. As soon as I laid thoughts on you I knew you were the One. I hope you do not think me rash, my Shiny New Story, but I've already started practicing writing my name below your title (or I would if I actually knew what your title will be).

You are so witty, my Story. Your prose are flawless (at least the ones I remember, I haven't actually gone back to read them). Not a plot hole in sight.

I know people will say that our love wont last, that I'm ignoring your flaws, but they are all wrong. We are different then all the others. Together we will dance into the sunset, hand in hand, and right onto the NYT Best Seller list.

With you at my side, my Shiny New Story, nothing can stop us.

Adoringly yours,

To be continued...

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