Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3 things that get tossed under the bus in November/December

1) Blog posting.

2) Washing the dishes (*sigh* I miss the days when I had a working dishwasher)

3) Anything else that isn't writing related (for November) or present making related (for December).

On the plus side I've got all my Jelly and plates of cookies done. I even got the knit scarf for my cousin done. All I have to do is finish up the last of the Christmas cards and I'll be done! (For now at least).

1 comment:

  1. 1. Evidently, the bus didn't survive the crash.
    2. There are two types of dishwashers. The first type costs water, soap, electricity, and after a while, refuses to start.
    The second type costs water (perhaps if forced to), soap (perhaps if forced to), electricity (for the TV), and avoids ever having to start (complains if forced to).
    3. You're not descriptive enough. Considering you're a writer by night, this is unacceptable.

    My mind disengages the minute the word "cookies" hits my peripheral vision.