Wednesday, November 3, 2010

9 Tips for B movie characters

1) If you're walking with a group of friends in a dark scary forest and one of them turns around and says "Hay, where did everyone else go?" That's your cue to run.

2) I don't care how much you need the money, don't steal from a wizard.

3) Never trust the old guy who appears out of the forest promising to lead you out.

4) Beautiful, mysterious women are always trouble.

5) Always be respectful of your elders. Just because they look old and wrinkly doesn't mean that they can't wipe the floor with you.

6) If a local tells you "oh, that's a bad place" change your travel plans and don't go there.

7) If your friend runs back to camp out of breath and wide eyes saying there are monsters in the woods, don't laugh at him/her and got out there just to prove them wrong.

8) If a stranger is looking for new companions to go hiking with, find out what what happened to his previous companions before agreeing to join him.

9) If it seems too easy it's always a trap.

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