Friday, March 11, 2011

Immersion Week Two- Casting

Week two is done and I've found actors/place holders for nearly all of my characters (at least the more important ones). I love looking for place holders, not only because I get to look back at movies I loved, but also because this is the part where the characters really start to come together. Once I have a face to attach ideas to it makes it easier to round that character out. Look into their eyes and see what they love. What they hate. What they are afraid of. I'm not going to post all of my characters, but I will put up my main people:

My Hero:

This one is funny because he was actually one of my main villains in my last book, but for some reason he seems like a good guy to me now.

My Heroine:

I was really excited when I found pictures of Olivia Wilde. She fits my Heroine perfectly (except for the eyes and the hair, but as you can see I "fixed" that in photoshop).

My Hero and Heroine's son:

When I was first thinking about my Hero and Heroine's son I thought he would just be a side character, but he's really blossomed into a full main character now. Even more so than his mother I think.

My Villain (#1):

It just makes me laugh to have "James Bond" as my Villain ;-)

Villain (#2):

This is my Heroine's direct antagonist.

Villain (#3):

Yep, you probably guessed it. This is the Son's main antagonist.

So those are my Main Characters. Now it's on to week three: The Collage.


  1. What a good idea to find pictures of of actors/actresses for your characters! I usually just make mine up, but how much better to have photos to reference!

  2. I used to do that too, but this way works soooo much better. Though sometimes it's hard to find just the right actor/actress.