Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kissing the Frog: White Noise

The nice thing about living alone is that I can have silence whenever I want... unless of course the dog sees the neighbors cat, or a squirrel, or a bird, or she thinks she hears something when there's really nothing there at all. But I digress.

Silence can be nice when I'm writing, but sometimes I need to have something else. Something to fill the void without distracting me. In the past that has been music, normally the soundtrack of whatever story I'm working on. But with my latest editing project, I've found the songs to be distracting. So I searched the vast expanses of the net and found this site:


It's a free (at least online) white, pink, and brown noise generator. I'm a fan of brown noise myself.

They also have a free thunderstorm soundscape that I LOVE. I've started playing the thunderstorm on my computer player with the brown noise in the background. It's awesome. It's there without demanding my attention or tempting me to stop and sing along.

Another thing it's useful for is blocking out other noises (like my washing machine that's going right now). I haven't tried it against children, but I imagine it would work for that too ;-)

So if you're looking to fill the silence with something that wont distract you (or block out things that do distract you), I would definitely give white noise or soundscapes a try.

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  1. This might also help. Courtesy of RainyMood.com.

    (Yep, the file itself. No flashy effects, no annoying ads like the main site.